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Show Support for Rebuilding Minnehaha Academy’s North Campus

The Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council asks Minneapolis residents to show their support in the rebuild of Minnehaha Academy's North Campus. You can do so in one of two easy ways: Submit your comments of support to the City of Minneapolis by Monday, April 16th to “As a resident of Minneapolis living near Minnehaha Academy, I support their Phase I expansion at 3100 West River Parkway… Minnehaha Academy has been a good neighbor. Th...
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Contractor News

2017 Wage Addendums

The 2017 Wage Addendums are in effect as of May 1, 2017. They are available on our website by clicking here. You can also get to them by navigating the menu bar under "Wage Addendums." If you have any questions, please contact the BAC Local 1 office at 612-379-2966.
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